Revolutionizing Motorcycle Culture: The MBP era begins

Aug 18, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the motorcycle industry, where price wars and fierce competition dominate headlines, MBP is quietly reshaping perceptions and carving a unique niche for itself. MBP, a brainchild of the well-established Keeway Group with over two decades of international experience, is emerging as a beacon of innovation and style in the domestic motorcycle market.


While the industry witnessed a flurry of price drops in the first half of the year, MBP took a different approach. Instead of merely joining the price race, the brand unveiled the Feelink C150, a stunning testament to retro aesthetics that captured the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts.



Then came the groundbreaking moment, when MBP teased its upcoming X series. In a strategic move, the official announcement revealed a trio of engine options—150cc, 250cc, and 300cc—to cater to diverse consumer preferences, all within a package that promises both 'international aesthetics' and 'differentiated handling.'



The driving force behind MBP is embodied in its motto: 'MOTO BOLOGNA PASSIONE.' This isn't just a slogan; it's a visionary call to make motorcycles and their vibrant culture a mainstream phenomenon, reaching beyond enthusiasts to the wider public. MBP aspires to shape individual motorcycle value and be a global trendsetter.



The industry's ongoing transformation has provided opportunities for fresh players, yet it's also brought about increased competition. For a new brand like MBP, stepping into the motorcycle market this year presents a blend of opportunities and challenges.



On August 18th, MBP unveiled its Feelink series and introduced its latest offerings at Beijing's prestigious 491 Space. This event showcases not just motorcycles, but a vision that MBP is steadfastly committed to bringing to life.

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