Unveiling Innovation: The Latest Offerings from MBP Moto

Mar 8, 2024
MBP Moto continues to revolutionize the motorcycle market with its latest models across diverse categories, offering a dream machine for every rider. Decidedly a new, refreshing brand, MBP Moto’s impressive lineup runs the gamut including cruisers, roadsters, adventure bikes, and scooters. Keep reading this helpful guide to learn the latest news about MBP Moto’s current offerings that seamlessly combine powerhouse specs with elegant Italian design.
MBP Moto Leading Innovation
MBP Moto operations have kicked into high gear over the past several months, working hard to unveil our latest models and innovative spirit to the wider market in 2024. Back in November, MBP returned to EICMA just a year after the brand’s official launch at EICMA 2022— this time bringing along a whole host of new motorcycles and scooters. More recently, we attended the Moto Bike Expo 2024 in January together with sibling brands Keeway, Benelli, and EZI. The buzz has been building continuously and riders can now enjoy their very own MBP motorcycle or scooter, with more variety to choose from than ever before.
Current MBP Moto Offerings
But what exactly are the latest offerings from MBP Moto? The updated catalog now includes several models in each of the categories, including cruiser, roadster, adventure, and scooter. Riders can decide between displacement specs, design options, and off-road packages to suit their specific riding style. For a quick glance at the latest MBP releases, take a look at the helpful chart below:
Cruiser Roadster Adventure Scooter
C250LC F125 T125X SC125LX
C352LS NR125X T250 SC125RE
C852V N250 T1002V SC150
C1002V N250R T1002VX SC150SR
  N300   SC300
Custom Cruisers
Let your imagination run free with the laid-back, thunderous cruisers from MBP Moto. Embracing hallmark components such as flat double exhausts, muscular bodywork, and customized details, MBP injects modern flair into each of the cruiser models. The C250LC and C352LS models offer a classic aesthetic and medium displacement for an amazing ride feel for a variety of riders. Or boost the power with the C952V and C1002V V-twin cruisers with roaring high-displacement engines and even more powerful aesthetics.
Extensive Roadster Lineup
As MBP Moto’s largest category, the roadster and naked motorcycles provide tons of options to find your dream street bike. From the scrambler-inspired NR125X to the powerful N300 roadster, these versatile motorcycles embrace an aggressive design that shows off the chassis and powerful engine. The F125, N250, and N250R are attractive options for dedicated riders chasing the ideal naked motorcycle for riding both in the city and far beyond the city limits. The high-powered M502N provides a top-notch premium package with a 486cc 2-cylinder engine that’s rearing to go on fast-paced rides and extended highway outings.
Audacious Adventure Bikes
The fastest-growing sector in the motorcycle industry, adventure bikes empower riders to take on a variety of terrains and diverse routes for non-stop thrills. Our own adventurous spirit at MBP Moto means we offer several all-terrain models rated for serious exploration, each suited to specific riding styles. The smaller-displacement T125X and T250 models are versatile dual-sport bikes that punch well above their weight when it comes to off-road performance— the reined-in power maintains nimble handling for a range of riders that still flies through rugged terrain and tough conditions. The bigger siblings T1002V and T1002VX are roaring V-twin adventure bikes built as huge powerhouses for the most demanding journeys. The T1002VX features off-road tires and spoked wheels are even impressive off-road capabilities.
Style, Speed, and Scooters
For zipping around the urban grid, there’s nothing better than a motorized scooter or moped. MBP scooters represent the convergence of elegance and utilitarian performance, offering a practical mode of transportation that shines bright with serious style. Across 125cc, 150cc, and 300cc displacement options, specific models embrace retro (SC125RE), luxury (SC125LX), or sport-oriented (SC150SR) design. No matter your personal style or power needs, MBP scooters provide plenty of flair that’s tons of fun across the city.
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