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8.3kW at 8500 r/min

Max. Torque

10.0N·m/6350 r/min

Dry Weight (kg)



Introducing the latest urban adventurer Scooter from Morbidelli: the All-New SC125. Designed for those who dare to explore, our new scooter is your ticket to unlocking the hidden gems of the cityscape. With its sleek design and innovative features, the SC125 invites riders to 'X'plore the city like never before. Whether you're navigating bustling streets or seeking out serene pathways, this scooter is your ultimate companion for urban exploration. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover new paths, sights, and experiences. The Morbidelli SC125: where exploration meets excitement.

Dominant 'X'-Vertical Stack Headlight
The Morbidelli SC125's 'X'-Vertical Stack Headlight delivers superior road illumination and a striking aesthetic. This innovative design ensures enhanced nighttime visibility with a broader, focused beam, boosting safety and style. 'X'plore Your City: Unveil New Paths with the SC125, and enjoy cutting-edge lighting technology on every ride.
Factory Windshield and Digital Display
features a factory-installed windshield for enhanced wind protection and comfort. Its 5-inch Night-Blue digital display provides clear, easy-to-read information at a glance, reducing eye strain during nighttime rides. Additionally, all handlebar buttons are illuminated with Night-Blue lighting for improved visibility and ease of use in low-light conditions.
Advanced CBS Braking System
The Morbidelli SC125 is equipped with an advanced Combined Braking System (CBS) that enhances safety and control. This system ensures that both front and rear brakes are applied simultaneously when the brake lever is pressed, providing balanced and efficient braking performance. The CBS improves stability during sudden stops and reduces stopping distances, giving riders greater confidence on the road. 'X'plore Your City: Unveil New Paths with the SC125, knowing you have superior braking technology for a safer, smoother ride.
Tech-Savvy Storage Hub
The Morbidelli's SC125 is designed for urban explorers. It features a secure storage compartment with an integrated USB port, allowing you to safely store your items and charge your phone while on the go.
Spacious Under-Seat Storage and Rear Rack
The Morbidelli SC125 offers a spacious under-seat storage compartment, perfect for securely carrying your essentials. Additionally, it features a rear rack with a grab handle, designed to accommodate an original Morbidelli top case. This enhances the scooter's practicality, making it ideal for daily commuting and urban adventures. 'X'plore Your City: Unveil New Paths with the SC125, enjoying ample storage space and the convenience of additional cargo options.

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