Price from

$ 56,888


70.0kW at 7600 r/min

Max. Torque

102.0N·m/6500 r/min

Dry Weight (kg)



Discover the Morbidelli C1002V, the flagship cruiser of Morbidelli, where power meets luxury. Fabricated with a fully aluminum chassis, this maxi cruiser boasts an exceptional combination of strength and agility. Equipped with a formidable 997cc V-twin engine, advanced ABS braking system, and a suite of modern features including a digital TFT dashboard, cruise control, and dual riding modes, it offers an unmatched riding experience. With ample space for two riders and enhanced comfort, the C1002V invites you to unleash the beast and feel the V-TWIN thrill on every journey.

Powerful V-Twin Engine
Unleash the power of the 997cc V-twin engine with cylinders positioned at 80°. Experience unmatched performance and thrilling acceleration on every ride.
Advanced LED Lighting System
Modern LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals ensure visibility and safety, combining classic design with contemporary efficiency.
J.JUAN disc brakes with ABS
The front wheel features dual disc rotors equipped with ABS technology for safer, more predictable stopping power.
Pilot's Cruiser Set
Cruise control, digital TFT dashboard, dual riding modes, and USB charging spot offer ultimate convenience and control.
Swooping Double Saddle
The passenger seat serves as both a plush perch for a partner and a handy backrest for added comfort while riding solo. The relaxed riding position complements the C1002V’s laid-back silhouette.
Stable, Laid-back Ride
Ultra-wide rear tire transfers power to the pavement and provides excellent confidence out on the road. KYB Pro-link mono shock absorber with adjustable settings offers improved handling and comfort.
Iconic Exhaust Sound
Tuned exhaust system produces a deep, resonant sound, enhancing the riding experience and reflecting the bike's power.

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